Brendon Fogarty

Brendon Fogarty: Outdoor Education Group, National Head of Curriculum

"Developing Wellbeing Through Outdoor Adventure Journeys".

Brendon is determined that outdoor education and adventure learning is paramount to the education of all students. That all students may have an opportunity to experience the world through exploration, reflection and experiential learning activities; in adventure camps, wilderness environments, or community settings, their lives can be positively changed. By providing these experiences, the foundation can be set for shaping a child's growing knowledge, confidence and identity.

Brendon completed a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at the Australian Catholic University in 2012. Focussing on educational leadership pedagogy and application.

Brendon has worked in a variety of educational settings including - both State and Catholic schools within Victoria. His experience in primary and secondary schools brings a breadth of curriculum understanding and practicum. His latest experience was establishing and developing a Year 9 campus at a co-educational Catholic secondary, whereby the focus is experiential skill based, student centric learning. The Year 9 program utilised the surroundings of the college's 1000-acre farm to deliver a meaningful, life centred approach to learning.


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