Roger Rasheed

Roger Rasheed

Roger is a highly respected International Tennis and Performance coach.

Roger's sporting career commenced as a footballer before tennis took over from the age of 15. The journey as a professional tennis player was short lived due to major spinal issues, he retired at age 22.

Roger worked in the health industry and then decided that he needed to continue his tennis pathway through the form of coaching which commenced internationally in 2002.

He has coached and mentored the worlds elite tennis sporting stars, Lleyton Hewitt , Gael Monfils , Jo- Wilfred Tsonga and Grigor Dimitrov over a 16 year period which housed arguably the greatest players in tennis history, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

He also acts as a consultant to many international sporting athletes and coaches globally.

Roger's high performance brand also sees him naturally cross over into the business sector where he works internally to drive connectivity and performance between the brand, employers and consumers.

Roger has a passion for performance and believes each of us has a talent pool that can deliver elite results through a better understanding of the personal platform model required.

Roger's passion for helping others shows strong through his philanthropic foundation, the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation. It's "using sport as a medicine to save lives" for children in extreme disadvantaged communities.

He believes that sport can be a major player in changing cultural behaviour and pathways in extreme communities, a tool that needs to be taken seriously and heavily invested in. Use sport productively in this space and the overall impact is life changing. This foundation was established in 2011. (

Roger has had a life that has lived in all elements, from extreme vulnerability to extreme opportunities. This is why his story is compelling and his ability to lead and get the most from others has come naturally to him.


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